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  • #4113 Eider by David Ward - Hollow body with slightly turned head and incised carving on the bill and wing pattern, makes this an outstanding example.   Price $1,500.00
  • #5398  Black-bellied Plover by David Ward - Striking in its black and white plumage, the Black-bellied Plover is the largest plover in North America. They forage for food on beaches and tidal flats.  In the wild, they are truly a majestic bird. Price $900.00
  • #5402 Sandpiper by David Ward - Sandpipers are small shorebirds that feed along sand and mud tidal  bars. They move with great rapidity as they peck and probe for food. Price $600.00
  • #4220  Swan by David Ward.     Among the largest native species of waterfowl    in North America, the beauty and grace associated with    a swan has truly been captured in this carving.    	Price $3,850.00
  • #5405 Piping Plover by David Ward - The Piping Plover is a small sand-colored shorebird that nests and feeds along coastal sand beaches.  Price $600.00
  • #5406 Eskimo Curlew by David Ward - The Eskimo Curlew is the smallest in size of the different types of curlews and it is considered extinct since one has not been reliably seen since the early 1980's.  While known as the "Prairie Pigeon" at one time they ranked as one of the most abundant shorebirds in North America.  Unrestricted harvesting during the market hunting period decimated the population. Price $900.00
  • #5396 Dowitcher by David Ward - When handling this decoy, one begins to appreciate the subtleness of this bird.  The tucked head position and how the head is off set and slightly turned, the full bodied construction, the wonderful paint pattern and texture, the overall attitude of the bird.  A bird truly at rest.  Price $900.00
  • #5407 Screech Owl by David Ward - Screech Owls are indigenous to the Americas.  They are compact in size and shape, and quite agile.  When in a tree next to bark, their coloration provides excellent camouflage.  Their name is derived from their piercing calls. Price $1,400.00
  • #5400  Yellowlegs by David Ward - With their long yellow legs, this large North American shorebird feeds in shallow coastal waters.  They use their narrow long bills to stir the bottom in order to retrieve insects small fish and marine worms.  Price $850.00
  • #5404 Peep by David Ward - Peeps are the smallest of shorebirds and a joy to watch as they frolic along coastal sand beaches.  They are known to migrate great distances depending on geography and weather patterns. Price $750.00
  • #5351 Woodcock by David Ward. As their common name implies, woodcocks are woodland birds. They have stocky bodies and long slender bills. Their eyes are located on the sides of their heads, which gives them 360 degree vision. Unlike most birds, the tip of the billís upper mandible is flexible. They feed at night or early evening.    Price $900.00
  • #5352 Golden Plover by David Ward - A very finely carved golden plover with a rich wet-on-wet blended oil paint.   Price $900.00
  • #5354 Loon by David Ward - Male and female loons have identical plumage.  Loons are excellent swimmers both above and below water.  They find their prey by sight and mainly eat small "bait" fish.  They prefer clear lakes because they can easily see their prey through the water.  With its up turned head position and painted with a non breeding plumage, this rendition has captured the attitude of a swimming loon to perfection.    Price $1,500.00
  • #5259  Humpback Whale Plaque by David Ward.      The humpback whale is a baleen whale and is known for     singing amazing songs, possibly to communicate.  The 	    average adult is 52 feet long and weighs 30 to 50 tons.    Humpbacks are very acrobatic, often breaching high    out of the water.    Price $950.00
  • #4638  Ruddy Turnstone by David Ward.     The turnstone forages by turning over stones on the    shore looking for food, hence their name.  Featuring     carved wingtips, this bird is painted in the disruptive    plumage commonly seen as they pass through New    England on their seasonal migration. Price $800.00
  • #4149  Preening Widgeon by David Ward. Grace and charm accurately describe this decoy.  It has it all- wonderful head position, hollow construction, wet-on-wet oil paint, a striking but practical plumage pattern, and raised carved wingtips. Price $1,500.00
  • #5255  Long-eared Owl by David Ward.     This species roosts and nests in trees by day and    hunts in open areas by night.  Though widespread     and common through North America, it is rarely seen    in the wild.  The bird has the uncanny ability to elongate     its body, "freeze", and blend in with the branches of the     tree.  The unique style of carving, the wet-on-wet oil    paint method, plus its hollow construction, result in a     superior piece of sculpture. Price $2,800.00
  • #5210  Great Egret by David Ward.     The largest of the white egrets in our area, it forages    by standing still or walking slowly in shallow water and    quickly thrusting its bill, snatching it prey.  Because of     the "S" shaped neck, full hollow body construction,    wonderful wet-on-wet oil paints, this carving truly    captures the attitude of this bird as seen in the wild. Price $1,300.00
  • #4571 Scoter by David Ward. The Scoter is a large sea duck and is characterized by its bulky shape and large bill.  Scoters form large tightly packed flocks, on coastal waters.  They are divers and feed on crustaceans and molluscs.      $900.00
  • #4677  Killdeer by David Ward -  Killdeers are a medium sized plover and can be found across the Western Hemisphere.  Although they are considered shorebirds, killdeers often live far from water.  Fields, meadows and pastures serve them well.  The killdeer frequently uses a "broken wing act"  to distract predators from their nests.  Price $800.00
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It seems only natural that David B. Ward would become a decoy carver. After all, his grandfather, Ted Mulliken, in 1939 established the Wildfowler Decoy Company of Old Saybrook, Connecticut. David's grandfather was an award- winning carver, but in order to provide a mass produced decoy on a national scale, he had to employ many other artisans. Wildfowler became a successful company that sold and distributed decoys throughout the United States. It was David's grandfather and being at the Wildfowler factory that gave David his first taste of decoy carving.

As a youngster, David would spend a great deal of time "helping" his grandfather at the factory. Moving amongst the mechanics, woodworkers and carvers, finishers and painters, employed at Wildfowler, David saw first-hand the day-to-day operations of what it took to make a decoy.

It is from these roots that David would evolve into an accomplished decoy carver in his own right. Using only hand tools, he carves in a traditional manner, which exhibits a thorough understanding of time-honored techniques. While declining requests for reproducing the work of earlier decoy makers, his birds sit comfortably in their company demonstrating a unique style easily recognized as his own.

David's limited production of waterfowl includes shorebirds, ducks, geese, swans and waders; each one bearing the signatory stamp: "DBW."

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