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  • #3705 Thomas Gelston cork yellowlegs made for the commercial market such as Abercrombie and Fitch. All original including paint. Price: $750
  • #2798 Redhead Drake - This decoy is very appealing.  From Massachusetts, the decoy is in original paint with distinctive feathering on its back.  “H.A. Stevens” in block lettering has been stamped on the bottom of the bird. This is not to be confused with the Stevens decoys once made in Weedsport, N.Y.  The decoy shows very little wear. Priced at $2100.
  • #2998  Hen Goldeneye - This is a extremely well carved decoy in original paint.  A weighted keel that folds up into a slot in the body is quite unique.  There is an ice groove behind the neck and carved fluting on the underside of the tail.  The decoy was found near the Pennsylvania area of Lake Erie. Priced at $1850.
  • #3309 Ohio Black Duck - This black duck, in original condition with detail scratch painted feathering, is a great example of the Ohio “school” of carving.  Even the primary wing tips are painted appropriately.  The bird is structurally sound with typical gunning wear.  A well carved head, having small inserted German glass eyes, makes this a very attractive decoy.  Maker is unknown.  Priced at $2750.
  • #3797 Bill Cooper Black Duck - Bill Cooper lived and worked in the area of Verdun, Quebec.  As with so many other Quebec carvers, he too used a detail carved feather pattern on his decoys.  This decoy by him is no exception.  With a slightly turned head, the bird has a great attitude.  The paint is original and the feather carving well done. The head and bill are also nicely carved. Priced at $800.
  • #2326 Ohio Drake Redhead - This is possibly, as described in the book by Ron Sharp and Bill Dodge, Detroit Decoy Dynasty, a “backyard” Dodge decoy or an independent unknown carver’s personal interpretation of a redhead.  The bottom line is that it’s a nice decoy with Ohio school influence.  The decoy is in original paint and has a nice “chine” shape side ending in a narrow flat bottom.  Priced at $2750.
  • # 3658 Hen Leboeuf Bluebill - This is a large Orel Leboeuf decoy from Anicet, Quebec, Canada, with deeply carved feathering.   It is a hen bluebill in original paint with some gunning wear.  It is larger then his normal bluebill decoys and the carving is much more pronounced then some of his other work. Priced at $2700.
  • #4041 Hen Mallard - Having good form, this decoy appears to incorporate the Ohio “school” of decoy carving and some Dodge factory “school” features.  The shape of the head and body, the original paint color and pattern, the tack eyes and the carving on the bill, all supports this supposition.  Having no definitive answer as to who made this decoy, it has to remain under the heading- carver unknown. Priced at $950.
  • # 5529 Gelston Cork Black Duck - On Long Island, cork was a favorite material used by some decoy makers.  Thomas Gelston was no exception.  He is considered one of the three top carvers from Long Island making masterpiece in wood and some outstanding durable cork decoys.  This particular decoy is branded, “B M H” on the top left side of the bird, indicating that it came from the Bill Higginson rig.  Higginson lived and hunted in the upstate area of Newburg, New York.  There are many freshwater lakes in that area and the condition of this decoy does not show the wear and deterioration of saltwater hunting. Priced at $750.
  • #3664 Mason tackeye black duck in strong original paint. Price $900.00
  • #3464 Common merganser by Lawrence Davis of Toronto.  Rig mate pictured in “Ontario Decoys” by B. Gates, page 54. -  Price $1,800.00
  • #3744  Early tackeye split tail Mason shorebird with wooden bill in original paint and as found condition- Price $1,800.00
  • #3746  Mason tackeye Yellowlegs in good original paint- Price $2,400.00
  • #3612 Painted eye Mason drake bluebill with factory applied tacks, in crisp original paint.  Small amount of neck  filler is missing. $675.00
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