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  • #4661  Shorebird stands - Steel base measuring 4" round, 3/8" thick with a 1/4" round rod in three different heights 6" or 8" or 10" tall.  All painted black with felt pad on bottom.   Price $25.00 each which includes shipping.
  • #5511 - Original grain painted sewing box. A small compartment with a lid sets on top, while a hidden drawer and a tray make up the interior. Measuring 11 1/4" H X 11 1/2" W X 9 3/4" D. Price $950.00
  • #5581 - Small sponge painted dome top box with original hardware and paint. Measuring 6" H X 12"W X 6 1/4" D  Price $650.00
  • #4278 Three great original roof snowbirds still retaining their bracket straps that were used to secure them to the roof. Made in the form of a Federal Eagle they are cast in iron and have good detail.   Price $225.00 plus shipping.
  • #4647  Sewer Pipe Fork Art - This Early Redware Sewer Tile heart shaped pipe holder was made by workers at the sewer pipe factories during there lunch hour or end of day project from leftover clay. It has a pipe rest, two match holders and a heart shaped ash tray with holder for your cigarette.    Price $275.00
  • #4182  Hand woven wood splint gathering basket having a great patina in its original red paint.  Measuring 17 ˝" L, 8" D without handle, 14" W.   Price $375.00
  • #4648  Sewer Pipe Folk Art -  This Early Redware Sewer Tile Smoker, made by worker at the sewer tile factory as a lunch hour or end of day piece with leftover clay. Price $125.00
  • #4185  Early Native American ash burl bowl, fine speckled “plum pudding” grain, in great condition with a fine dry untouched original patina.  An outstanding feature of this bowl is its carved rim.  Measuring 18 ˝" L, 15" W, 6" H.    Price $4,250.00
  • #4136    Weber child’s wagon in wonderful condition, having original paint and stenciling.  This wagon has its original seat and two tail boards.  Price $4,500.00
  • #3651 Wonderful model of a tugboat.  “New York City” is painted across the stern.   Price $950.00
  • #3170 Brass student lamp.     Price - $585.00
  • #3490 Classical period mahogany miniature three drawer chest.  Measures 15" wide, 15" high and 10" deep.  Price - $850.00
  • #3010 A large ship model of a three-masted schooner that has wonderful patina and a great presence. The ship is square rigged with yardarms that move.  Accenting the hull is a figurehead on the bow, trail boards and a great stern board.  Along with life boats, cabin enclosures and an anchor windlass, the deck is nicely appointed. The rigging is in good condition and the hull has its original paint. It measures 51" long from the bowsprit to the stern and 46" tall. Circa 1890-1920 -  $5,500.00
  • #2657  Vintage Adirondack bentwood twig child's chair in wonderful condition.      $325.00
  • #3166 A multi step gesso and gold gilt ornate frame, elaborately decorated and in excellent condition.  The interior measures 26 1/4" by 18 3/8".  The outside dimensions are 36 3/8" by 26 3/8".  -  $650.
  • #3394 This small lift top jewelry box, with a removable tray, has its original untouched surface. Exquisite ebony and satin wood string inlays, along with contrasting wood veneers, make this a little gem.  Measures 11"L X 8"D at the flared base and 6" high. - $650.00
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